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TmpDisk - Simple Ram Disk Manager for OSX


Simple Ram Disk Management for OSX

TmpDisk is an Open Source simple RamDisk management tool. RamDisks are disks that use your memory (RAM) to create virtual hard disks on your Mac.

RamDisks can be any size, limited only by your total memory and lightning fast. They are also temporary. Any files stored on a RamDisk will be permanently deleted when the disk is ejected. No need to worry about deleting, trash or cleaning up temporary files anymore.

Warning A TmpDisk will not survive a restart or ejecting. Any files or information on the disk will be PERMANENTLY deleted once the computer is shutdown or the disk ejected.

TmpDisks are perfect for

  • Saving large files such as photos while editing
  • Downloading and extracting zip files
  • Storing of temporary logs and files
  • Easily cleaning up tmp files

TmpDisk is Open Source available on Github, see the Source link below for more details.

Latest Version: 1.1.2
Adds OSX 10.6.8 support.
Download Source


  • Creating a TmpDisk
    Creating a TmpDisk

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